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About Us

The Grassroots Collaboration Group is an emerging industry startup incubator, focused on helping grow the dreams of entrepreneurs across the cannabis and emerging technology landscape.   Our core values are deeply rooted in innovation, technology, social justice, and healthcare and we strive to help individuals lacking the necessary resources to launch and grow their ventures.    Our team, understands the difficulties of starting a business in an emerging industry, and are here to help.  Whether it is to navigate an ambiguous regulatory & legal landscape, gain access to reliable data and market insights, or to establish a proof of concept, we got your back.    


The G.C.G. offers its members and clients a hands-on, immersive and structured business development experience.  Utilizing proven methodologies designed to optimize your business model, we will position your company for success in an extremely competitive emerging market.  Our mission is to eliminate barriers to entry, reduce startup costs, establish long lasting value-added relationships, and to avoid missed market opportunities.   

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