About the Group

The Grassroots Collaboration Group ("G.C.G.") was created to serve as a platform for bringing innovative and entrepreneurial minds together, with the common goal of incubating new ideas and working together to bring them to market.  We provide a robust network of G.C.G. collaboration partners with skills & experiences ranging across a variety of industries, focused on helping members of this group move their ideas forward. 

We here at G.C.G. believe that for your ideas to be successful they need more than just a set of hands, they need a strong set of A.R.M.S. to embrace your vision and to put it into action.  Because with the right Attitude, Resources, Motivation, and Skills you can accomplish anything! 








We also understand that it is hard to have all the necessary resources at your finger tips.  That's where we want to help.  Our collaboration partners, coming from all walks of life are waiting to connect and help get your project started.  If you have an idea or just want to see how you can partner on one of our active projects, contact us and we will schedule a consultation.        

"The only bad idea is the one not pursued"

Jason is an established quality, compliance, & technology professional within the pharmaceutical, medical device, & cannabis industries.  With over 18 years of IT compliance, regulatory inspection readiness, quality control, & merger/acquisition integration experience, he is uniquely positioned to help startups gain a competitive advantage in an ever evolving technological and regulatory landscape.   Jason holds an MBA from the Stevens Institute of Technology as well as a B.S. in Computer Science from S.U.N.Y. New Paltz.  He has also obtained several professional audit, GxP, & IT related certifications during his career to ensure that he remains on the forefront of the healthcare & technology industries.    As an initial team of one with a overwhelming desire to help others achieve their goals, Jason founded the G.C.G. with the hopes of providing a stepping stone into emerging industries and a pathway to academia for passionate and deserving entrepreneurs.